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Storing the eBlocker certificate

We recommend that you first store the eBlocker certificate in the operating system, since most browsers and programs expect the eBlocker certificate there. Some programs, such as the Firefox browser, have their own certificate store.

The following FAQ articles will show you how to correctly store the eBlocker certificate in just a few steps:

How you can check if your eBlocker certificate has been stored correctly will be shown here.
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How to delete the eBlocker certificate on devices will be shown here.
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Information about the eBlocker HTTPS functions

The following eBlocker functions require the activation of the eBlocker HTTPS function, so that the eBlocker can also execute these functions on secured websites.

Activating the eBlocker HTTPS function for a device only makes sense if you can also store the eBlocker certificate on that device.

Devices where you cannot store the eBlocker certificate might be, for example: