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How to add the eBlocker certificate in Firefox , Cliqz and Seamonkey.


With just a few steps you have stored the certificate. Please use the Firefox, Cliqz and Seamonley browser.

Open the eBlocker HTTPS configuration page, or the eBlocker Dashboard.

On the HTTPS configuration page, click the START HTTPS Wizard button, or on the eBlocker Dashboard in the HTTPS card, click the START HTTPS Wizard link.

The wizard will show you step by step how to store the eBlocker certificate in Firefox, Cliqz or Seamonley .

Alternatively, you can store the eBlocker certificate without the wizard.

On the HTTPS configuration page, click on the tab CERTIFICATE.


You can see the eBlocker controlbar now on HTTPS sites with the Firefox, Cliqz, or Seamonkey browser.

Important: These instructions also apply to the Android Firefox browser, but not for the iOS Firefox browser.