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Running with errors / Database stopped

You see the error message "eblocker is running with errors" or "database stopped" when starting your eBlocker, or when calling the eBlocker user interface?

In this very rare case, please try to restore the eBlockers factory settings to solve this problem.
Instructions for restoring the factory settings can be found here.

If your eBlocker still shows this error message, please create a small status report with the help of an USB 2.0 flash drive. Please send this file with a short description of your problem to our support team (

How to write a short status report on a USB thumb (USB2.0 / FAT16 or FAT32 formated) drive?

After that you can pull out the USB drive and attach it to your computer. There should be a file "eblocker-status.html" on the drive. Please send this file to our support (