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Release Notes 2.4

eBlockerOS 2.4

New features

Filter lists for domain and pattern blocker

The protection against trackers, tracking ads and malware as well as the parental controls access restrictions are largely based on blacklists of respective domains for the domain blocker, or on lists of filter rules for the pattern blocker. These lists have so far been provided by eBlocker as daily updates to all eBlocker users. With this new release of eBlockerOS you can now in addition or alternatively provide your own sources for such lists.

Simplified reactivation of licenses

So far, you often needed to contact eBlocker support in order to reset a license so that it could be used again for the activation of an eBlocker. This could e.g. be necessary after a factory reset or to change the email address. This is not required anymore: You can now directly use an already activated license to activate your eBlocker, even with a different email address. The previous activation of the license will automatically be reset and invalidated.

Backup and recovery of eBlocker settings

The backup of eBlocker settings has been enhanced: In addition to the exception lists for trusted apps, also the individual settings for devices as well as the Tor settings will can now be saved and restored.

Manual analysis of HTTPS connection failures

From the result set of the manual analysis of HTTPS connection failures, you can now add additional domains also to the exception list of an already existing trusted app. So far, it was only possible to create a new exception list for a new trusted app.

Bug fixes

On some do-it-yourself eBlockers (DIY) the system time zone could not be set correctly. This bug has been fixed.