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Transfer the license key

After you have reset your eBlocker to its factory settings, or rewrote the eBlockerOS on the SD card of your DIY eBlocker, your eBlocker license key must be released again, because your license key is still bound to the old eBlocker installation.

You can unlock your eBlocker license key in a few simple steps and then reactivate the eBlocker with your license key.

Go to this website and enter the email address with which you activated the eBlocker license key.

Shortly afterwards you will receive an email from our license server and you only need to follow the link "view license data and transfer license" in this email.

With a click on "Remove license" (to the right of your license) your license key is released again and afterwards you will see your complete eBlocker license key.

Now you can reactivate your eBlocker with your license key.