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How to keep a VPN connection alive?

When using VPN connections, some providers disconnect inactive connections after too short a period of idle time.

This may go unnoticed by the eBlocker, if the connection is not actively monitored. If you encounter connection problems, you can enable active monitoring:

In the eBlocker menu just check "IP-Anonymization" > "VPN Network" and open the details of your main VPN connection by clicking on the correct table row.

At "Active monitoring of VPN connection" you can choose one of the following options:

Disabled (standard) - there will be no additional efford to keep up the VPN connection, if your VPN provider offers a bi-directional keep-alive monitoring of the VPN connection, an additional active monitoring is not necessary

Regularly ping VPN provider - there will be a minimal amount of traffic directed to your VPN provider in order to maintain the connection

Regularly ping eBlocker - your eBlocker will send a minimal amount of traffic to our domain so your eBlocker will be able to maintain the VPN connection

Regularly ping custom host - you can enter a domain or IP adress where the eBlocker shall send some minimal network traffic to maintain the connection