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Domain, Pattern, Malware & Phishing Blocker... What is what?

(eBlocker Pro and Family)

Starting with eBlocker Version 2 we provide the Domain (Plug & Play) Blocker for the eBlocker versions Pro and Family in addition to the Pattern Blocker. For each device you can now select in the eBlocker settings which Blocker method you want to use. Here you can also select if the Malware & Phishing Blockers are deactivated or activated per device.


We recommend the setting "Automatic" for the Blocker method. The eBlocker can then decide which Blocker methods should be used for this device.


Domain Blocker (Plug & Play)

With this blocker mode, the eBlocker blocks trackers and tracking ads based on domain queries. This means that the eBlocker is blocking the device, or the browser, from reaching a specific domain. It does not matter whether the domain can be reached via HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

This block method is very popular to block trackers and tracking ads.



Pattern Blocker

With this blocking mode the eBlocker blocks trackers and tracking advertisements based on patterns. The eBlocker analyzes the website and searches for known patterns in the source code of the website. In order for the eBlocker to analyze all websites, the eBlocker HTTPS function must be activated and the eBlocker certificate must be stored for each device.



Malware & Phishing Blocker

The term malware refers to computer programs that have been developed to perform unwanted and possibly harmful functions.

The term phishing refers to an attempt to access the personal data of an Internet user via, for example, websites.

The eBlocker can protect you with his Malware & Phishing Blocker from accessing such websites.