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How is eBlockerOS tested?

We test the eBlockerOS with various current operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. We always concentrate our tests on the latest versions of the operating systems and on the versions of the operating systems which are still supported by the manufacturer.

During the operating system tests we always use a clean installation of the operating system, so that we can test the eBlockerOS functions in the best possible way.

Note: The more third-party software installed on the operating systems, the more likely it is that problems may occur. This is especially important for programs that change the network settings, or restore settings when the computer is started.

Generally the eBlocker also supports older operating systems - however it could lead to problems with the display of the eBlocker interface, or to problems with the eBlocekrs SSL / HTTPS function.

Also read our FAQ article for older operating systems... (Link)

Tip: For virtual operating systems, for example the VirtualBox program from Oracle, the network adapter for the virtual environment must be set to "Bridge Mode". Otherwise, the virtual operating system will get an IP address outside your IP address range.

Tip: If you are actively using antivirus software, please read our FAQ "My virus scanner complains about SSL connections". (Link)

We also test the eBlockerOS with different current browsers. These include Windows Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome / Chromium. In general eBlockerOS also works with all so-called clones of such browsers as Vivaldi (Chromium), Brave (Chromium), Yandex (Chromium) and Cliqz (Firefox).

The Google Chromium Browser is the open source version of the Google Chrome Browser.

The eBlockerOS is tested by us with a variety of current routers. These include current AVM Fritzbox routers, routers from Netgear, Asus and also TP-Link.

In general, eBlocker is compatible with almost all routers. If the eBlocker is not compatible with a router in its automatic network settings (Plug & Play), the network settings of each eBlocker can also be changed to the so-called individual settings. eBlocker can even be configured for networks without a DHCP server.

Read also our FAQ article about repeaters... (Link)