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The eBlocker and compatible routers

Our hardware compatibility list (link) contains all routers that we know exactly whether they are compatible with the eBlocker or not.

If your router is not listed, it is highly likely to be compatible.

Routers that are not compatible with the Plug & Play mode of the eBlocker can usually be integrated with the support of the network assistant. In the individual settings, the eBlocker takes over the DHCP server. Then deactivate the DHCP server in the settings of your router.

Please check your router settings to see if you can enable and disable the DHCP server. Usually, you will find this setting in the menu Network. If necessary, please refer to your router's manual to find out exactly where you can find the DHCP server settings.

As a rule of thumb: "If you can switch the DHCP server on and off on your router, eBlocker is most likely compatible with your router.

Important: There may only ever be one DHCP server in a network.