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The eBlocker and the Fritzbox 7490

The Firztbox 7490 is still not compatible with the eBlocker in Plug & Play mode, because it has a confirmed bug, which is expressed by the extremely slow speed when the eBlocker is connected.

The bug is not eBlocker specific, but results from the non-standard routing of the Fritzbox 7490, if the WLAN of the Fritzbox is used.

The problem can be solved by changing the eBlocker to its individual settings and then deactivating the DHCP server of the Fritzbox 7490.

In the individual settings eBlocker starts its own DHCP server. With this setting the Fritzbox 7490 is also compatible with the eBlocker.
On the following website we show the steps of the conversion:

Alternatively you can deactivate the WLAN of the Fritzbox and leave the DHCP server of the Fritzbox activated. Then you can connect a FritzRepeater (e.g. 1750E) to the Fritzbox via LAN.

The FritzRepeater will then offer the WLAN as an access point (LAN bridge). In this combination the eBlocker should also be Plug & Play compatible with the Fritzbox 7490.