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Very slow network connection

If you notice a very slow network connection, make sure your device is connected to the Internet via the Tor network.

eBlocker Dashboard

You can open the dashboard as follows:

On the eBlocker Dashboard you will find a card called "Anonymization". If you are connected to the Tor network, you can disconnect there. Check if you are now back on the Internet as fast as usual.

eBlocker Controlbar

You can open the eBlocker Controlbar as follows:

Open the eBlocker Controlbar on the page by clicking on the eBlocker icon. If a connection to a Tor network or VPN server is established, the sign above "IP-Anon" should be filled in with a check pattern. Disable the Tor network or VPN server connection and check if you are now back on the Internet as fast as usual.

The Tor Network is a non-commercial association of people around the world who provide free network infrastructure to allow users to anonymize their IP address while surfing the Internet. However, the Tor network does not guarantee availability or minimum bandwidth.

If you still notice a very slow network connection, use another device to check if you have this problem across the network. If so, your router may not work with eBlocker's automatic network settings. In this case you can change the eBlocker to its individual settings so that the eBlocker takes over the DHCP server in your network. You can then deactivate the DHCP server on your router.

You can read here in the article "Individual network settings" how to change the eBlocker in a few steps.