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Release Notes 1.11

eBlocker OS 1.11.9

Bug Fix

On some devices the product type was incorrectly displayed as "eBlocker Base", even though the eBlocker had an eBlocker Pro license and correctly provided all eBlocker Pro features. This display bug has been fixed.

eBlockerOS 1.11

New Features

eBlocker Base support

The eBlocker Base is the newest addition to the eBlocker product family. It provides the features already included in the eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family for the anonymization of the IP addresses. For each device in your home network, you can individually decide whether you want to connect to the Internet via the free Tor network or via the network of a commercial VPN provider. This will prevent your internet provider from spying on your browsing behavior; it also bypasses censorship and country-specific content locks. Simply choose a corresponding Tor exit node in the desired country. All VPN providers that provide compatible OpenVPN access are supported by the eBlocker.

The eBlocker Base is now available and can be ordered at our online shop.

Cost free VPN included

From now on all eBlocker customers with an active update license will receive 3 months free of charge and completely non-binding VPN access from the premium provider Perfect Privacy, saving € 36. Simply go to the settings to IP anonymization/VPN on the VPN provider page and order there the free access.

https-speed increased [eBlocker Pro, eBlocker Family]

Improvements in eBlockerOS have significantly increased the speed of loading pages hat are encrypted via https. Especially for follow-up visits on the same page, the page layout is now significantly faster.

eBlocker Dashboard for mobile devices

The eBlocker Dashboard now automatically adapts to any screen size. The features of the Dashboard can now also be used without restrictions on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Exceptions for protection against trackers and ads [eBlocker Pro, eBlocker Family]

A new feature on the eBlocker Dashboard now gives you an overview of which site you have an exception for from tracker protection or advertising. You can also remove these exceptions directly on the Dashboard.

eBlocker Mobile (Beta Version)

Previously, the eBlocker could only protect the devices in your home network. The beta version of the new eBlocker Mobile feature is now available to tech-savvy users: The eBlocker provides a VPN tunnel for your portable devices so that the unit can connect securely and encrypted to the eBlocker in the home network while you’re mobile. You can surf with exactly the same protection you are used to at home. However, currently to use eBlocker Mobile (Beta) a few manual steps are needed. A detailed description of setting up eBlocker Mobile can be found in the user manual. In future versions of eBlockerOS we will further simplify and automate these setup steps.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

eBlocker DNS Dashboard accessible through

We have further improved the DNS feature of the eBlocker, fixed bugs and optimized the stability. The eBlocker DNS server is no longer in beta status and we recommend that all users enable the feature in the IP anonymization / DNS settings. An additional advantage when the eBlocker DNS is switched on: You can reach the eBlocker overview page automatically by entering "" in the browser.

VPN display error

When importing the OpenVPN configuration files from a few VPN providers, the eBlocker mistakenly displayed an error message even though the files were correct. This no longer occurs, all compatible OpenVPN configurations can be used without problems.

Simplified access to the eBlocker settings and to the Dashboard

Previously, access to the eBlocker settings and the eBlocker overview page always required the specification of the port 3000. In the future, the specification ": 3000" in the address line of the browser can be omitted. Of course, the old address with port information still works.

Improved support for the first commissioning

This feature is especially interesting for new owners of an eBlocker: For successful startup, the page now directly displays some useful information about your eBlocker, like for e.g., the IP-address of the eBlocker as well the address of the router. On the setup site you can directly go to the eBlocker settings or the eBlocker Dashboard.


Additional bugs have been fixed and further improvements to the user interface and the core processes have been implemented to increase the performance and stability.

Please note that an update to the current eBlockeOS version 1.11.x may take up to 10 minutes.

Please clear your browser cache after the update.