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Release Notes 1.5

eBlocker OS 1.5.12

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that could cause issues, if the gateway had multiple IP addresses on the same network interface.

eBlocker OS 1.5.11

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that could prevent eBlocker from working correctly, if its own IP address changed in the local network.

eBlocker OS 1.5.9

Bug Fixes

Improves integration of Windows computers by avoiding false IP conflict messages.

eBlocker OS 1.5

New Features

DNS Server (beta)

To prevent your provider analyzing your online behavior via Doman Name Service (DNS) requests we’ve added a local eBlocker DNS server with this release. eBlocker can now be used as DNS server to resolve domain-addresses to IP addresses. This helps to further protect your privacy: Instead of sending all DNS requests to only one external DNS server (i.e. your provider’s DNS) – which could profile all websites you were accessing – you can provide a list of DNS servers, and the eBlocker can distribute your requests between all these servers, so that no single server knows all accessed domains – but only a fraction. In addition, you can send your DNS requests through the Tor network (without routing all traffic through Tor) to completely hide the accessed websites from DNS.

Please note that the DNS feature is still in beta and needs to be activated in the settings.

Pause Feature and eBlocker Dashboard

The challenge with the Pause feature was to extend or stop the Pause, once it was activated, because the eBlocker icon and Controlbar would no longer appear on new pages. With this release, eBlocker introduces the new eBlocker Dashboard, which provides permanent access to the Pause controls. The dashboard is automatically opened in a new browser tab, when the Pause feature is activated. Stay tuned for more Dashboard features in upcoming releases.

SSL Help Pages

The help pages in regards of adding the eBlocker SSL root certificate to the different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) and other apps has been completely revised and extended.

System Events and Log Messages

System events have been extended and log messages have been improved to show relevant and clear information. Also, the eBlocker startup process has been improved to provide better feedback.

Bug Fixes

Plug-and-Play Mode

The plug-and-play mode has been improved to be more efficient and more stable, especially for large downloads.

User Provided Names

Special characters in names for devices and profiles will now always be stored and displayed correctly.


Several bugs were fixed and improvements implemented to increase performance and stability even further.

Please note that an update to the current eBlockeOS version 1.5.x may take 10 minutes, or slightly longer.