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Release Notes 1.3

New Features

Parental Control (Family Edition only)

The Parental Control features have been enhanced: It is now possible to define user accounts for all family members and assign a parental control profile as well as devices to this user account. While each device has a main user and profile, it’s possible to allow users to temporarily take ownership of a device by entering their personal PIN.

In addition to defining time ranges, during which Internet access is permitted, it’s now also possible to specify a maximum Internet usage time for a parental control profile.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to define individual black and white lists for restricted or explicitly allowed web sites.


The network wizard for VPN has been improved: It’s now possible to upload additional files like certificates or keys for a VPN configuration.

And the feedback about the status of the VPN connection during VPN startup has been improved.

Tracker Blocking / Ad Blocking

The domain of the currently visited web site can now separately be whitelisted for ad blocking vs. tracker blocking. So that it’s for example possible to switch off ad blocking – to bypass an add blocker wall on a news webs site – while still being protected against trackers on that same site.

Individual settings for Tracker Blocking / Ad Blocking (Family Edition only)

In the Family Edition, the whitelisted domains for ad blocking and tracker blocking are now stored in the individual user accounts, so that each family member can adjust the settings to their needs.

System Messages

The eBlocker notifies the user about important system events in the icon and controlbar. Such system events can for example be: Temporarily interruption of power supply or network connection.

Starting with this release, the eBlocker will also inform you about eBlockerOS updates through the icon and controlbar.

Bug Fixes


Several additional bugs were fixed and improvements implemented to further increase performance and stability.