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Release Notes 0.9.4

New Features


The performance and stability for encrypted connections (SSL) has been improved. 

SSL Exemption Lists

SSL exemption lists are now part of the daily filter updates. This means we can react much faster to resolve SSL related issues with apps. Additionally, we provide a simpler one-click process to add single domains to the SSL exemption list in case of SSL errors, e.g. to access internal sites with self-signed certificates.

The look & feel of the SSL exemption list form has been optimized, and many new and improved SSL exemption lists for operating systems and popular apps have been added.

Pause Feature

Improved pause feature: It is now possible to increase the pausing time in 5 minute steps (up to 20 minutes) and to abort the pausing at any time.


The eBlocker shows now a notification message, before Tor can be activated to make the user aware that Tor anonymization can have an impact on the performance of Internet connections. This notification can be switched off.

eBlocker Icon

The eBlocker icon shows an exclamation mark, when new system messages are available.

Bug Fixes

Tracking Link Detection

Endless tracking redirect loops will now be avoided.

Device Cloaking

Device cloaking can now be reset also in German localization.

General UI fixes

Button to enable SSL functionality is now correctly rendered as active and available.

Domains can now be added to SSL exemption list also with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

License Management

Upgrade licenses can now be released from one device and transferred to another device.

Diagnostics Report

Missing information is again correctly included in diagnostics report.


SSL routing of disabled devices was sometimes not correctly restored after a reboot. This has been fixed.

Reboot after system update could fail in rare cases due to inconsistent SSL exemption lists. This has been fixed.