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Release Notes 0.9.3

New Features

Administrator password

Access to the eBlocker settings can now be protected by an optional administrator password. The administrator password can be set under settings/general.

Simplified definition of exception lists

The definition of exception lists for apps has been simplified, to define exceptions for apps that are not compatible with eBlocker-SSL.

Expert tools (beta)

In addition, we have developed an analysis tool for technical experts, which can be used to easily analyze the communication of apps and create exception rules for apps.

License transfer from one device to another

It is now possible to transfer an update license from one device to another device. This is particularly interesting for our tech savvy customers who have built their own eBlocker based on the Raspberry / Banana Pi platform and want to transfer their license to a different Pi.

Bug fixes and improvements

Improved detection of tracking links

The detection and treatment of tracking links has been greatly improved. So far, it could occur that eBlocker only showed a blank page (1x1-pixel) after detecting a tracking link. Now a dialog is displayed after detecting a tracking link, so the user can be guided a lot better.

Improved user interface in settings

The user interface in the General, Devices and IP-Anonymization settings has been improved to show the available information more clearly. In addition, the version of the filter list is now also displayed.

Bug fixes for stability and performance

Many bugs have been fixed to improve the stability and performance of eBlockerOS.