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Release Notes 0.9.2

New Features

Added Apps for improved SSL compatibility

When activating eBlocker’s SSL/HTTPS-support most websites work just fine when accessed by a regular browser. Unfortunately a few popular apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are not compatible with eBlocker’s SSL-support. To support those apps they can be activated for SSL-exemption (whitelisting) under Settings>Apps. Be aware when activating an app in the Apps menu that you are not protected by your eBlocker on the corresponding websites either. We do not recommend the usage of apps as they can put your privacy at risk. To improve your privacy we suggest not to use apps but rather access the corresponding websites by a regular browser which is protected by your eBlocker.

Added multi-language support

We’ve added support for German and English. Now you can switch languages under Settings>System>Timezone and Language.

Added support for time zones

We’ve added support for different time zones. This is important for the update procedure. Now you can set your time zone under Settings>System>Timezone and Language.

Added messages in the Controlbar

Important system messages from your eBlocker are now notified in the Controlbar. The message icon only appears if there are new messages available.

Added detection of routers that require manual network configuration

eBlocker is compatible with pretty much all routers in automatic network configuration mode. Currently we are aware of two router models from AVM that are only compatible when eBlocker is set up in manual network configuration mode. To notify users of those routers to change the network mode, we’ve implemented an automatic router detection and messaging to the user.

Support for Banana PI M2+ board

The Banana PI M2+ which is the main board for the eBlocker series production is now officially supported. You can download the eBlockerOS for this board for free here:

Bug fixes and improvements

Improved Tor connection status

We’ve improved the tor connection handling and removed a display bug that showed “not connected” even when Tor was just working fine.

Improved network setup wizard

The improved network setup wizard guides you through the steps that are necessary to enable manual network configuration mode.

Improved activation wizard

We’ve added several screens to the activation wizard to ease initial eBlocker setup and guide new users through the license activation.

Improved SSL documentation

We’ve improved and corrected the documentation for activating SSL-support for most popular browsers. The documentation is now available in German as well.