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Release notes 0.8.7

IP address change

An issue was fixed: eBlocker will keep working when it has been assigned a new IP address by the router.

Static MAC address

An issue was fixed: Banana Pi M2 boards will now keep their MAC address between reboots.

Tor control

Anonymization settings are now saved permanently.

Anonymization can be enabled per device. It can also be set in the devices screen of the settings.

A new Tor identitiy can be requested from the anonymization menu in the controlbar.

Tor connectivity is checked regularly. If a Tor connection can not be established a warning is shown and routing via Tor is temporarily disabled.

Disable activity icon

There are settings in the devices screen for the activity icon. The icon on a page can be shown


Devices can be deleted in the devices settings.


URLs are not logged in case of errors.