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Many CAPTCHAs are displayed

Some websites figure out that the call comes from the Tor network and want to verify that the call came from a person and is not an automated attack, for added security. For this purpose, a CAPTCHA is displayed. This is a function of the web page that you’ve accessed and cannot be influenced by the eBlocker.

Since the release of eBlockerOS 1.11, this phenomenon may occur more often because with Tor network activated, the complete data communication is run via Tor. In particular the websites that are loaded via HTTPS. In previous versions of eBlockerOS, HTTPS requests were routed over Tor only if the SSL feature was enabled for that device.

Please note that CAPTCHAs are often used on websites where you have to register with a personal account anyway. Therefore, the provider of the website can assign all your inquiries to this account anyway - even if no personal information is known about you. Neither the Tor network nor the eBlocker can prevent this. However, the eBlocker prevents in any case that unnoticed requests are transmitted to other third parties, especially data collectors (trackers) are transmitted - even if Tor is not used. Using the Tor network does not necessarily guarantee greater anonymity in such cases.