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A website signals the use of an AdBlocker.

The eBlocker wants to protect your privacy but it does not try to avoid possible content blockings of the publishers. Websites such as for e.g., recognize that the eBlocker also blocks advertising and may no longer provide the requested content available for free.

In this case you can switch from blocking with the eBlocker "Domain" Blocker to the "Pattern" Blocker. To do this, the eBlocker HTTPS function must be activated and the eBlocker certificate must also be stored. In the Devices settings you can then also determine which blocker method is to be used for each device.

Tipp: Stellen Sie am besten die Blocker Einstellung auf "Automatisch". So entscheidet der eBlocker für dieses Gerät die Blocker Methode.

Tip: It is best to set the Blocker setting to "Automatic". So the eBlocker decides for this device the Blocker method.

Now go to in your browser to get to the eBlocker Dashboard. If not activated, activate the "Tracker & Ad Blocker Rules" card in the top right corner of the eBlocker Dashboard. Enter as the new website and allow the advertising and tracker for this website.