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Release notes 0.8.2

Please note: you might need to clear your browser's cache in order to see the changes in the controlbar and settings screens. To clear your browser cache please hold "shift" and press the reload button in your browser. 

Device cloaking

Each browser sends a unique identifier (a so called "user agent") to a webserver, so the webserver can adjust content for the specific browser and device. This can result in higher prices i.e. if the website uses dynamic pricing engines to increase prices for iPad users for instance.
With the new release the "user agent" can now be changed. Click on the cloaking icon in the controlbar and select a device from the list. Technically advanced users can also define a custom user agent.

List blocked URLs

The blocked tracking and ad services are now listed under the controlbar icons Trackers and Ads.

UI improvements

Device list

Devices can be individually named in the devices settings screen. This helps to identify particular devices. The device list is now sortable by IP-, MAC-address or name. The current device, i.e. the device you are using to view the settings screen, is highlighted.

Bug fixes