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No eBlocker Dashboard

When you open, or, in yur browser you should see the eBlocker Dashboard.

If you see a website without an eBlocker icon instead, check the following first:

If the two LEDs on the eBlocker LAN port are blinking, please open the settings of your router. In the network settings you should see the eBlocker as a new device. Your router has given the eBlocker an IP address. Note down this IP address.

Open a new browser Tab, enter the noted IP address and insert :3000 at the end of the IP address (example: Now you should see the eBlocker settings.

If you do not see the eBlocker settings, try the eBlocker emergency IP address.

In the eBlocker settings you can find the menu item "Devices". Here you will find all devices found by the eBlocker in your network. Your device with which you are currently in the eBlocker settings will be listed in as the first device in the list. Click on the IP address of your device and check in the settings if the eBlocker is activated for this device.

Tip: Bookmark your eBlocker Dashboard so that you always have quick access to the Dashboard.